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Why is a red banner shown?

The red banner indicates that SnoreClock was killed during the recording process. In most cases this is because of this issue: https://dontkillmyapp.com Please change your settings as described and start a new sleep session.

I noticed red marked areas where there is no snoring. And I have areas that are not marked, but I hear myself snoring?

No snoring detection can be 100% exact! There are always false negatives and false positives. The accuracy is around 95%. You can learn more about SnoreClock's accuracy of snoring detection here: Validation of snoring detection using a smartphone app

Loud breathing was recognized as snoring. Is there a way to configure snoring detection?

If loud breathing is recognized as snoring, you can increase the “Min Dynamic” value slightly. Then please create a new recording.

How can I transfer the audio file to my PC?

Please use the "Share audio file" function of SnoreClock. To use the "share audio file" function please select the more menu in the upper right corner (3 points). Then select "Share audio file". Use Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox or another cloud storage service to upload the file. The client app of the service must be installed on your smart phone.

How can I find the audio files on my smartphone?

Please do not try to access the audio files directly! Use the share audio file function and transfer the file to a cloud storage provider.

What does the line in the diagram mean?

The line shows the noise level.

What does the "Min Dynamic" setting mean?

This is the threshold at which SnoreClock starts analyzing the noise. If you have set 10 dB there, for example, only noises that are 10 dB above the volume of the surrounding noises will be analyzed. The setting does not affect old recordings.

What does the "Min snoring phase" setting mean?

Here you can set how long the snoring must be for it to be recognized as snoring. Shorter episodes are not shown as snoring in the chart. The setting does not affect old recordings.

What does the audio source setting mean?

The audio source can be understood as the setting of your audio hardware for a recording.

As a rule, it is not necessary to use another audio source. The default setup should produce good results.

To determine whether a significant difference in recording quality can be achieved on your smartphone with a changed audio source, you must make a short recording for each audio source and then check it.

The differences are usually very small.

What does the small instrument on the left in the clock show?

The left small instrument shows the average dB(SPL) for the entire recording. And the current value of the noise volume in dB(SPL) during recording.

What do the little yellow lines at the top of the chart mean?

Every time SnoreClock plays a tone or vibrates to stop snoring, a small yellow line is added to the graph

How can I adjust the volume of the snore stop sounds?

SnoreClock automatically adjusts the volume of the snore stop sounds! It starts with a very soft sound. If you don't stop snoring, the volume will increase. The volume you hear when selecting the sound in the settings is the maximum volume!

During playback I hear an annoying hissing sound. How can I get rid of this?

The background noise of the microphone can be heard in the quiet passages of the recording. SnoreClock increases the volume of the recording to make it possible to hear quiet noises on the smartphone. Unfortunately, this also means that the background noise of the microphone is amplified.

The level of noise depends heavily on the hardware used. The noise can sometimes be influenced by changing the audio source in the SnoreClock settings. Unfortunately, I cannot give any recommendation if a significant improvement can be achieved with your smartphone by changing the audio source. Changing the audio source only affects newly created recordings!

You can reduce the value for the audio amplifier in the SnoreClock settings. Then the background noise is no longer as loud, but all other noises are also quieter.

What functions does the Plus version include

No ads, record to SD card, plays a sound or vibrates when you snore (can be activated in the settings), share audio files, backup of statistics data.

My issue is not listed in the FAQ's?

Please contact support from in the SnoreClock app help section.

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