Do you snore?

With SnoreClock you can easily check if you snore. Put your smart phone beside your bed and press the red button in SnoreClock. The next morning you will know more!

Incredible App!

After using this for just 1 night, now I know why I'm always tired! Awesome execution and interface. I LOVE how we can zoom into and move throughout the graph. This is the most valuable app ever; seriously! I've tried 3 other apps but yours beats them all... easily! Thank you! Now, it's off to get a sleep study because now I know I really need one. Thank you!


Never rated an app before, this definitely deserves it though. So easy to use, clear and doesn't use up battery life.Never believed I was snoring until I used this app. This app convinced me to go to sleep lab for sleep analysis.

Great App!

For the first time in my life I can analyse my sleep patterns and snoring. Very easy to use app with excellent sound recordings. Picks up all noises during the night and plots them on a graph. I can zoom in and listen to these noise events. Even picks up movement in bed. Appears I'm a very restless sleeper. Developer very friendly and responds to questions / suggestions. Look foward to future developments. Thanks Ralph!

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