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How can I delete a sleep session?

Please go to the list of records and swipe left on the item you want to delete.

Press delete audio if you want to save space but keep the statistic data. Press delete if you want to delete all data (audio and statistic data)

What does the line on the chart mean?

The line shows the noise level. You can use pinch to zoom.

Don't want to start recording right away?

Go to the settings of SnoreClock and activate "Show options dialog". Now you can set a delay before starting a recording.

I would like to save space. How can I delete the old recordings?

You can delete a single sleep session in the list of records by swiping to the left and then press delete. Use delete audio file, if you want to save space but keep statistic data

If you have many records and you want to save space on your phone, the best way is to go to the settings in SnoreClock and set "max recording space" to a lower value. Then SnoreClock deletes old audio records to save space but keeps the statistics. The files will be deleted when you start a new sleep session.

The audio file of the recording of one night is about 100 MB in size.

My issue is not listed in the FAQ's?

Please contact support from in the SnoreClock app help section.

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